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A complete Mechanical & Electrical upgrade of 4 boiler rooms as PSCS (Project Supervisor Construction Stage) inclusive of :

  • New Gas Fired Boiler System
  • Cold Water Storage Tanks
  • Mains Booster Sets
  • Underground Gas Line Installation


The aim of this project was to decentralise the district heating setup originally in commission and install locally generated and controlled heating centres for four major areas of St. Patricks College in Maynooth. The project required a short turnaround due to the nature of the buildings. Works were completed during the summer months to ensure no interference once students returned.

The locations of interest for these works include;

  • Stoyte House & Long Corridor
  • Riverstown House & Rhetoric Annex
  • New House
  • Dunboyne & Humanity House

The scope of works for this project included;

  • Decentralisation of District Heating
  • Removal of Redundant Equipment in Buildings and Safe Removal from Site
  • Installation of 4 No. Plant Rooms consisting of the following;
    • Hamworthy Boilers – Cascade Systems
    • Installation of Primary Boiler Pumps on Primary LPHW Circuits
    • Modifications to LPHW/Gas Circuits to Accommodate New Arrangement
    • Installation of Flue System to Suit New Layout
  • Including Associated Builders Works
  • Installation of Main Campus Gas Main
  • “Hot Tapping” and Connection to Live Systems
  • Installation of Trend BMS System;
  • Tie-in to Existing System within Buildings as required.
  • Associated Electrical Works
  • Water Treatment of Systems.
  • Full Commissioning of Systems
  • Handover and Demonstration to Client



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